The RV Dump Station is for guests of Lazy Rock only.

Guests are entitled to one free dump on exit only.
If your tanks are full on arrival, you may use the dump station for a fee of $20.
Fees for personal dump cart usage is $5 per cart
Fees for Lazy Rock U-Fill We-Haul Dump Cart Service is $5 per cart
Fees for drive up dump station usage is $10

Guests staying with us for 6 days or more may receive one free mid-week dump using the dump station
or by ordering U-Fill We-Haul Dump Cart Service through Room Service during available hours of operation.

Guests staying less than 6 days may schedule U-Fill We-Haul Dump Cart Service or drive up to the dump station for the applicable fee.

The U-Fill We-Haul Dump Cart Service room service schedule varies depending on the day of the week so please check the schedule in Room Service
and plan ahead to avoid paying
emergency dump fees or having to drive to the dump station.

Tank flushing is not allowed at the dump station, or on your site.
Supplied hose and sprayer located at the dump station are for rinsing your sewage hose only.

If you have never used a dump station before, FEAR NOT! Our resident expert can show you how to dump your RV, properly, safely and cleanly. 🙂

Please note the following restrictions:

Our rules pertaining to sewage are for the health/safety and well-being of all of our guests and employees at the park.
It is your responsibility to maintain and keep your RV sewage system in good working order.

Our washrooms and showers are free and private. Feel free to use them.

If your sewage system is visibly leaking while you are at the park, you will need to be dumped immediately at your expense
and you will not be able to use your RV sewage system until it is repaired.
Repairs to your sewage system other than the installation of a twist-on valve are forbidden on park grounds
for the safety and health of our guests, animals, and environment.

If your valves leak, (Common in fifth wheels with cable valves.) and sewage accumulates regularly in your discharge pipes, you should consider purchasing a “Twist on Waste Valve” before entry to the park. You may also purchase one at the office.

Lazy Rock and its attendants reserve the right to refuse to dump any RV that poses a risk to their health
or presents a potential environmental / health risk to the park.