The RV Dump Station is for guests of Lazy Rock only.

Our dump station is manned and your RV will be dumped free of charge upon exit of the park.

The dump station is located inside the locked, blue garbage building.
Just drive up with your dump valve lined up to traffic cone outside the doors and we’ll take care of the rest.

The dump station is open from 8AM to 11AM daily. For all other sewage requests please use Room Service.

*Pump outs earlier then 8AM must be arranged through the office in advance.

Full Service!

Please note the following restrictions:

Our rules pertaining to sewage are for the health / safety and well being of all of our guests and employees at the park. It is your responsibly to maintain and keep your RV sewage system in good working order. If you know you have problems with your RV sewage system let-us know before entry to the park. In many cases a simple “Twist on Waste Valve” will solve your RV sewage woes. Depending on the situation you may be asked simply to not use your RV sewage system until it is repaired. Our bathroom and showers are private and AWESOME! Feel free to use them! They are free and included with your stay.

  • If your sewage system is visibly leaking, or if your RV sewage cap is missing (you may purchase one at the office) you will not be permitted entry to the park.
  • If your sewage system is visibly leaking while you are at the park. You will need to be dumped immediately and you will not be able to use your RV sewage system until it is repaired. (Repairs to you sewage system other then the installation of a twist on valve are forbidden on park grounds for the safety and health of our guests, animals and environment.)
  • If your dump valves are broken, (Sewage collected in discharge pipes) you will not be dumped on exit. 🙁
    • If your valves leak, (Common in fifth wheels with cable valves.) and sewage accumulates regularly in your discharge pipes, you will require a “Twist on Waste Valve” before entry to the park. You may purchase one at the office.
    • If an unreasonable amount of sewage is released into our catch bucket during service and removal of your sewage cap, dumping may cease, and you will be directed to the nearest RV service center. You will require a “Twist on Waste Valve” to re-enter the park.
  • Lazy Rock and it’s attendants reserve the right to refuse to dump any RV that poses a risk to there health or presents a potential environmental / health risk to the park.